August 2nd ASG Board of Directors Retreat Agenda


Friday, August 2
SSC 211 (Gaucho Lounge)

  1. Advisors’ Expectations {Audra & Erin}

  2. Leadership Tips for Democratic Organizations and Team Building
    1. It starts with YOU. Be a nice person to work with.
    2. Communication Styles (paper)
    3. Myers Briggs type personality assessment
    4. Stages of Team Development
    5. HOMEWORK: Social Change Model of Leadership

  3. Introduction to Governance
    1. AB 1725, Education Code and Board Policies

  4. What is ASG? What is your Role?

    1. ASG Bylaws

  5. Organizing: Agendas, Minutes and Parliamentary Procedure
    1. Ralph M. Brown Act
    2. Agenda Template (paper)
    3. Minutes Template (paper)
    4. Budget Minutes Link
    5. General Minutes Submission Link
    6. HOMEWORK: Parliamentary procedure Video
    7. HOMEWORK: Parliamentary procedure quick reference
    8. HOMEWORK: Administrative Coordinators to administer parliamentary procedure training
  6. Using Technology to Our Advantage: Symplicity Community + Asana
    1. Symplicity Community
    2. Asana

  7. Budget Management
    1. ASG Budget Intro
  8. Event Planning — What is an event? How do you maximize your organizational strategies?
    1. Event Planning Worksheet
    2. Event Planning in Symplicity
  9. Publicity + Marketing
    1. Publicity request via Symplicity Community
  10. At the end of the day…What’s the point of it all?